European Waterways Offers 2018 Cruises at 2017 Prices

European Waterways

European Waterways announced that it is offering 2018 hotel barge cruises at 2017 prices for both charters and cabin bookings for those who book now.  The promotion allows small groups and multi-generational families, as well as couples celebrating anniversaries, honeymoons and other milestones, to plan their vacations well in advance and ensure they get the departure date, destination and hotel barge they want for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Charter cruises will also offer more flexibility to tailor the excursions taken, depending on the itinerary, to more specifically satisfy the varied interests of the guests.

“You only get one chance to celebrate important dates in your life,” said Derek Banks, managing director of European Waterways. “By booking their 2018 cruises now, our guests can get the specific cruise they want, when they want it.”

According to Banks, a growing number of European Waterways’ charters are being booked by small groups and multi-generational families. One of their biggest challenges is selecting a cruise date that is convenient for every guest. The Burgundy region and Canal du Midi in France are among their most popular destinations and therefore tend to sell out sooner.  By planning ahead, everyone has ample time to set aside the special date and completely enjoy their cruise with minimal stress about what they left undone back home.

“Milestones, such as golden wedding anniversaries and birthdays, are the most unforgettable moments of our lives,” said Banks. “Planning your celebrations now will ensure they are stress-free and also among your best memories!”

European Waterways offers diverse itineraries that include unique, “off the beaten path,” excursions to historic sites and small towns that have been unchanged for centuries. The panoramic, rural views from the hotel barges, the medieval villages, chateaux and forts dotting the landscape, and the natural beauty and tranquility of the canals quickly work their magic on every guest.

For more information about pricing, cruise schedules and to request a brochure, visit or call Toll Free 1-877-879-8808. Follow European Waterways on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also view their Youtube channel at

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