Coral Expeditions Announces New Ship, the Coral Adventurer

Coral Adventurer

Coral Expeditions, Australia’s pioneering cruise line, has opened bookings for its new expedition cruise vessel, the Coral Adventurer.  The Coral Adventurer will debut with a series of voyages themed “In the trail of Tasman” that retraces the historic explorations of Dutch explorer Abel Tasman, who was the first to map the coastlines of New Zealand, New Guinea and Northern Australia in the seventeenth century. These voyages are designed to showcase the expedition capabilities of the Coral Adventurer, conceived and built to take guests to remote areas inaccessible to larger or less capable vessels.

The first of these will be a 17-night cruise beginning in Singapore on April 24th, 2019 and finishing in Darwin, Australia. Apart from picking up the Tasman trail, the Coral Adventurer will disembark guests using its trademark ‘Xplorer’ tender mechanism directly on Anak Krakatau, the famed volcanic island emerging from the middle of the ocean in the Sunda Straits. Other highlights include Komodo Island, home of the famed dragons and the coral gardens of remote Pulau Alor, which offers some of the best snorkeling in the region. The combination of history, wildlife and marine activity offered by this epic expedition voyage promises to be unique.

Following this inaugural voyage, the Coral Adventurer will undertake two more 11-night cruises, both departing from Darwin in May 2019 following the trail of Tasman into the Gulf of Carpentaria, New Guinea and the Spice Islands and the Kimberley coast. Thereafter, the Coral Adventurer will slip into the regular Kimberley season between Broome and Darwin, which Coral Expeditions has been operating for 24 years.

Staterooms on the Coral Adventurer will be priced comparably to other Coral Expeditions trips, and will remain all-inclusive with daily excursions, meals and beverages including beer and wine at meals included in a single cruise fare, offering compelling value.

Coral Expeditions has also unveiled further details on the interior design of the new ship. To stamp a distinctive tropical North Queensland identity for the vessel, the company has turned to reputed interior design firm Arkhefield of Brisbane. Arkhefield have combined Norwegian furniture and marine fixtures with wood, stone and fabric elements that reflect the colors and textures of Australia.

The 120 passengers of the Coral Adventurer can look forward to elegant and vibrant living spaces designed to show off the amazing locations the ship will visit. All cabins are outside facing with the majority having French windows and private balconies. Two spacious suites of 55 sq m will feature bathrooms with picture windows. There are multiple indoor and outdoor bars with lounge seating inviting guests to sit back and watch the panorama unfold outside. A guest observation lounge located in the bridge (a Coral Expeditions trademark) will allow guests to immerse themselves in the navigation activity.


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