Bravada Yachts: Redefining Houseboating as a Luxury Yachting Experience

Bravada yacht

Bravada Yachts is an Arizona-based luxury lake yacht and houseboat company that is setting the optimal standard and pushing the boundaries in the industry. Bravada crafts fully-furnished lake yachts resembling high-end luxury homes with the amenities of a five star resort.

Current yacht models include: V-Series – Up to 7 beds, 3 baths (Starting at $499,000), GT-Series – Up to 9 beds, 4 baths (Starting at $1,099,000), X-Series – Up to 16 beds, 6 baths (price upon request).

Bravada creates custom dream yachting experiences with an unsurpassed eye for the details. Just a few of Bravada’s full-customization capabilities include: dual luxury kitchens, optimized floor plans, premium finishes, stainless steel appliances, Jacuzzis that can fit up to 16 people, flat-screen movie theater, fire-pits and endless water toys.

Bravada Houseboat bar

Bravada’s fractional ownership program allows buyers to divide the costs of owning a luxury houseboat with a small group of co-owners, very similar to the private jet model. Owners receive their “guaranteed week” each year, in addition to using the boat whenever it’s free.

Debuting in summer 2019, Bravada Yachts will offer an exclusive ownership opportunity of the first Bravada X-Boat Mega-Yacht, which boasts: 4.5 levels, 7,500 sq. feet of living space and a helicopter pad to name just a few features. Partners will share ownership of the first ever Bravada X-Boat Mega-Yacht with like-minded individuals and participate in bi-annual retreats with celebrities, pro-athletes and business superstars like Robert Kiyosaki and Daymond John.

Bravada is revolutionizing the yacht-houseboat hybrid with advancements in tech and safety such as ease of steering with highly-tuned bow stern thrusters that centrally direct the boat (as opposed to traditional rear-driven boats) and also offers driving lessons so anyone can try their hand at playing “captain.”

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