Silversea Reveals Remarkable Enrichments for Venetian Society Cruise 2018

Silversea Venetian Society

Silversea, a world-leading provider of luxury travel experiences, today unveils details of the cruise line’s greatly anticipated Venetian Society voyage in October 2018.

An opportunity for Silversea’s valued Venetian Society to unite, the annual Venetian Society cruise enables guests to make new friends while enjoying bespoke experiences in ultimate comfort. The voyage is designed to benefit Silversea’s returning guests, while introducing first-time guests to the cruise line’s close-knit community of travelers. While open to all, special enhancements will enrich the voyage exclusively for members of the Venetian Society, including unique events, special activities, sophisticated receptions and other privileges – both on- and off-shore. The cruise will be hosted by Fernando Barroso de Oliveira, the Ambassador to the Venetian Society for Silversea’s Chairman.

On October 11, Silver Whisper will arrive in Barcelona, where esteemed members of the Venetian Society will enjoy an unprecedented insight into the local culture as part of a world-first, planned and operated exclusively by the ultra-luxury cruise line. Inspired by Catalan traditions and held in one of Barcelona’s prominent architectural marvels, the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau, the event will encapsulate Silversea’s core values: unlocking authentic experiences and enabling guests to travel deeper in 6-star comfort.

With private access to the world heritage site after hours, guests will have the chance to admire the pavilions’ lavish decorations while socializing with like-minded members of the Venetian Society. Then, while sipping cocktails at a hosted reception in the complex’s inner gardens, Silversea’s guests will witness a specially formed human tower exhibition – the very first of its kind in this venue – in which approximately 120 performers will demonstrate a Catalan tradition by forming a vast corporeal structure. To conclude the festivities, members of the Venetian Society will enjoy a Catalan-inspired banquet at the magnificent Sala Hipóstila.

Back on board, on October 16, guests of the Venetian Society cruise will enjoy ‘Flamenco Notes in Cadiz’ – a fun-filled introduction to the art of Flamenco – while exploring the Iberian Peninsula. Guests will be immersed into this institution of Spanish culture, which was recently declared as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

This year, Silversea’s Venetian Society cruise will depart Monte Carlo on October 9 and will pass through French and Spanish waters before concluding in Lisbon on October 18, 2018. Now open for booking, Silversea’s all-inclusive Venetian Society cruise of 2019 will depart Civitavecchia on September 29, 2019, and will culminate in Monte Carlo on October 8, 2019. While specific details of next year’s enrichments are yet to be announced, guests of the voyage are sure to enjoy a special itinerary of activities and events. Fares start from $3,960 per person for the 9-day cruise.

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